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CJL Webcare Solutions has been connecting local businesses with the people that needs them
✔ Improves your online visibility
✔ Expands your customer base
✔ Generates leads successfully


Business listing Benefits

  1. Advertising Your Business 24/7
    • Advertising your business to area specific has many advantages. For local businessmen, it is an opportunity of brand building and enhancing business to the next level.
  2. Develop Brand Image
    • Your brand identity is the representation of your company’s reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions.
  3. Enhancing Your Business
    • Imagine you have made your presence online through alocal online directory, but your competitors have not started any online marketing yet. In this condition, who can get benefits? It is obviously you.
  4. Online Listing Or Marketing
    • Online local directory listing is able to connect you with targeted audiences. More and more clients can able to know about your business. Day by day improvement can be noticed. Such directory sites have divided listings into categories.
  5. Inexpensive Advertising Publicity
    • There are several local advertising sources available to choose from, but among them online directory advertising is cheaper.
  6. Increased Visibility in Search Engines
    • In order to formulate a website more popular between the web surfers, web masters seek any advertising and exposure they can get. Submitting links to search engines is one of the ways to achieve this goal. Listing in our directory will improve your search results position in major search engines and your site will get picked up by search engines more frequently.
  7. Direct Advertising Exposure
    • Business Directory will provide direct advertising exposure for your business or organization to a large demographic in a variety of ways and will enable additional people to find your business and its products or services.

Map Listing Benefits

  1. Low cost.
  2. High search engine results.
  3. Increased reputation on and offline.
  4. Improved customer satisfaction.
  5. Excellent opportunities to extend branding online.
  6. Integrates superbly with other online marketing efforts.
  7. Extremely mobile phone friendly.
  8. All your accurate, up to date information readily available.
  9. Allows you to show up in Google Maps.
  10. Can include special offers and printable coupons.
  11. Photographs and images of your business lead to increased trust from a potential customer’s perspective.
  12. Streamlined analytics allow you to see who has been searching for you and where they have previously been online.  This enables you to adjust your marketing plans accordingly.
  13. If you don’t have a website this is an easy way to maintain an online presence.
  14. More people search for businesses online than anywhere else and Google Places is a superb way to put your business in front of them.
  15. Google Places beats any offline marketing method for your business in terms of ROI.
  16. You can surge past more established websites within your market with a Google Places listing so that a first page listing on Google is far more easily achievable.
  17. Google Places listings beat organic results hands down when it comes to search results.
  18. If you are running a business in a major city, Google may well offer you a free professional photo shoot of your business as this helps them both verify your listing and enhance the quality of their offer.
  19. You will be far more visible to the vast majority of users of both Android and iPhones who are searching for businesses within a 5km radius.
  20. Provided your listing is set up properly, you can achieve all of the above within an impressively short period of time.
Business Listing and Mapping
Get more customers by listing your business online and getting you business on maps. get more leads and convert them to paying customers
Business Listing and Mapping
Written by: Carel lagazo
Date Published: 05/04/2016
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