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CJL Webcare Solutions is based at Kidapawan City specializes in Website Design, Website Development, Business Listing, Business Mapping, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Marketing Business Online.

Business Listings and Mapping

Businesses Now are transitioning to Digitizing how their costumers EASILY find their Businesses in their LOCAL AREAS

Website Design and Development

Having a website is  important to help establish credibility to a business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you have a web site or online store? SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives.








Customer Satisfaction

Our services can help rediscover businesses image and branding in the Internet. The blending of design and technology we offer,  is inline with our expertise enables businesses to succeed on the Web.




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Website – how important is it?

In today’s digital modern era, a website is considered an influential and vigorous tool in the market to acquire and, at the same time, service your clients. Basically, it makes the information about the company – particularly its products and services –   simply accessible to one and all.

Scores of customers use search engines and other social channels to research a product or a company before purchasing. If you have a business and do not have a professionally designed website, definitely, you will miss out substantial opportunities for your business and, not to forget, you will lose great sales too. As a matter of fact, you are letting your competitors to outdo you just because your business does not have one.

Further, this is not just about owning a website. Whether you are about to launch a new online business or just thinking about redesigning your current site, you always have to take into account the effectiveness of its presentation. Remember, creative and attractive ecommerce website has always played a very big role in online sales and marketing. If you are not presenting it well, you are actually leaving money on the table.

So, how many of you do actually know the benefits a website can provide for your business? You all should know it by now. No matter how big or small your business is, you shall pay no heed to it.

First and foremost, a website helps you ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY as a business. Without one, potential customers might go to your rivals that do. Bear in mind that by building a website, you are giving your business a window of opportunity to let your clients know why you deserve their trust. This can also help you earn constructive feedbacks for your products and service.

Second, a website makes MORE POTENTIAL SALES. Through website, you can sell products or services 24/7 without restrictions. Thus, potential customers can go online and purchase products whenever they want. Giving your business the online presence means you are likely to procure more customers. Certainly, more customers mean remarkable boost in sales.

Third, a website SAVES YOU MONEY. Advertising is very important, but, of course, it takes big bucks too. Print media, radio, television, and any other means are undoubtedly expensive. Nevertheless, a website will help you promote your company in less expensive way. With website, you don’t need to worry about that every single expense for production of thousands of marketing materials and that every single minute you have to pay for radio or television ads.

All these are just some of the many benefits of having a website for your business. So, don’t get left behind. THINK and ACT NOW.

Want to improve your business online visibility? Want to create great circle of customers? Want to generate more sales? CJL Webcare Solutions is the answer.

What is CJL Webcare Solutions?

We are team of experts in professional website design and development. With strong SEO service and effective online campaign strategies, CJL WEBCARE SOLUTIONS helps every business or company widely known and to stay on top.

CJL WEBCARE SOLUTIONS is the leading website designer and developer in the City of Kidapawan, Province of North Cotabato, Philippines. CJL WEBCARE SOLUTIONS had remarkably stretched its business catering not only the said metropolis but also places near Region XI including Matalam, Kabacan, Amas, Makilala, Bansalan, Digos, Tacurong, M’lang, Tulunan, and  Magpet.

Take a great leap forward in your business with CJL WEBCARE SOLUTIONS.

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